Hello, I’m Gabriela, an artist and maker.
Here you will find prints and collagesgreeting cards, jewellery and scarves I make with images inspired by memory, nostalgia and a love of everything vintage.

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A visit to Casa Azul part II: Frida Kalho’s ex-votos

This is the second post of a short series on my recent visit to Casa Azul, the building in Coyoacán that was Frida Kalho's home from birth till death. Last week I wrote about Frida's studio; this time I want to show you some of her ex-votos. The term ex-voto comes...

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A visit to Casa Azul part I: Frida Kalho’s studio

One of the main highlights of my recent visit to Mexico city was spending a whole afternoon wandering round Casa Azul, the building in Coyoacán where Frida Kalho was born and and lived until her death at 47. Frida's extraordinary life is captured within the walls of...

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Inspiration, work in progress
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